Welcome to my web page. This website offers some details about my profile and the services I offer and which combine my passion for both engineering and translating.

It is commonly and mistakenly believed that having a basic knowledge of languages and making use of a dictionary is all that is needed to translate. However, if you are looking for a quality translation please bear in mind the following:

Professional translators will either translate to their mother tongue or have their translation checked by a native translator before releasing the finished translation.
A quality translation requires not only mastery of a language, but also knowledge about the subject being translated, and even an in-depth knowledge when it comes to highly specialized texts. Therefore professional translators will not take on just any kind of specialized or technical translation.
Professional translators need to know the aim of a translation and to whom it is addressed. A different kind of language is required for children or adults, for official documents addressed to a public servant or for something that is simply going to hang on a wall.
Always ask for a detailed estimate in which the pricing method is stated.
An excessively tight deadline could have a negative impact on quality.
Be suspicious of particularly low rates: you get what you pay for!